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Develop Your Soul Power: For All Entrepreneurs Who Have
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Discover the Inner Chakra Secrets AND Soar Your
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In the replay of this
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  • Discover the 4 clear indicators that your chakras are out of balance and how that can impede your transformation and decreases your potential income
  • Explore how grounding and focusing on increasing your Heart Power creates the magic that opens new gateways inside you to catapult your business upward
  • Recognize the benefits of working with the chakras both personally and professionally
  • Learn the exact steps you can take right now to tap into the practical power of your Chakra energy centers to increase your income and business
  • Experience Helaine’s proprietary Transformational process to open the portal for attracting increased income and aligned clients for your business.
Bonus Brief Readings and Q&A at the end of the call

There will be a replay if you want to listen again or you can’t be on the call live.

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Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT License #MF15327, PCE #5761
Multisensory Intuitive Business Coach, Shamanic Healer and Psychotherapist

Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT, works with passionate entrepreneurs who are called to do more and want to break through what’s holding them back from getting to higher heights. She assists them in finding their Soul Power to fuel their endeavors so they are recognized and richly rewarded. As an intuitive business coach, psychotherapist and shamanic healer, Helaine assists clients in healing heart wounds and awakening their power in a balanced way. She is a multisensory intuitive with 35 years experience and the founder of An Awakening Center™, which blends 45+ modalities and trains interns, healers and coaches. She is the author of the award-winning book Are You In Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game, which is about the energy dynamics in relationship both at home and at work. Helaine’s new book Embraced by the Divine – Real Women’s Journeys of Hope, Courage and Transformation compiled by Michelle Mayur, recently hit #1 on Amazon.

I’m ready to learn how to take my business to the next level
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Yes! I’m Ready

What Past Students Say About Helaine Harris…

  • “In a three month period of time I tripled my income…”

    In a three month period of time I tripled my income by working with Helaine. I didn’t think it could be done. All I had to do was make two important changes . . . Robert Dittmouth

  • I so enjoyed the Business Intuition Course I took with you this spring. I felt that I was getting much more on a personal basis to open myself for whatever the future holds for me. . . I felt a great release of anger I had been holding onto for many yetars…” ~ Sandra Cherry, PFP,

  • “Thank you for the beautiful call teleseminar training today… it’s Divine intervention & the energetic match/synchronicity that is so powerful for me with you. The healing/clearing – I call it spiritual exercise – process you took us through, was really working very deeply for me. The love reached into higher chakras, voice & 3rd eye, at the end. I realized that what came thru in guidance & images for me, was the healing of difficulties/issues had been right there …. ~ Sabine Treusein PFP,

  • “This experience was beneficial because I found out a lot about myself being visual and kinesthetic and how to work with that. I learned that I can actually ask my guides what to do that seems appropriate to me. Thank you, Helaine, for all your assistance and helpful suggestions.” ~ Nancy Tinajero-Guerrero